• Coaching changed my life
  • now I can help you change yours
  • I become a coach because coaching changed my life. It was only when I discovered coaching that I began to really feel able to live my life fully.

    There was a time when I was not the happy, bubbly person people know me as now (well not on the inside anyway). I felt sad and insecure. I used to worry about everything, but mostly I worried about what other people thought of me. I doubted myself and did not believe in my abilities. I would pull back from trying new things, with failure and negative thoughts running through my mind. The saddest part was that I didn’t think I had a choice. I didn’t realise I had the power within me to think and feel differently. I was stuck!

    Fortunately, I found self-help books and was introduced to the world of coaching. When I began to see myself differently a world of opportunities opened up. Just as they do now for my clients.

    I experienced for myself the difference that comes from working in this way. I went through huge emotional shifts that have enabled me to become happier and more contented than I ever believed possible. I now love sharing this with others.

    For me, this is not just a job or a career – it is a calling.

  • Highly experienced and skilled

    I started working as a Vocational Coach in 2000, but I truly began my coaching journey in 2005, when I studied my first life coaching qualification. And I have never looked back.

    Over the last 20 years, I have trained in many Psychological Approaches (including Coaching, NLP, IEMT, MBraining, Laughter. Now I use all this experience and training to help you make positive long-term shifts in how you feel.

    We are all unique, which is why I use a variety of techniques in our sessions. My blend of skills allows me to adapt to meet you just where you are. Then I help you make positive, lasting changes as swiftly as possible.

    My skills include:

    • 20 years’ experience as a coach
    • 10 years as part of the Association for Coaching (The Coaching Professional Body)
    • Qualified Life Coach
    • Coaches’ Coach
    • NLP Master Practitioner
    • NLP Trainer
    • IEMT Advanced Practitioner
    • Mbit Coach (Multi Brain Integration Techniques)
    • Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher
    • Neuro Laughter Programming Developer
    • Member and contributor to various professional bodies
  • Professional Standards

    I am an active member and contributor to the professional bodies that support my practice. I follow their professional codes of conduct and ethics. These collaborative relationships enable me to continue to build my professional skills and allow me to give back to the professional community.

    Integrated Training
    Association of IEMT
    Holistic Insurance