• Laughter has the power to heal
  • and makes you feel great
  • Laughter is an essential part of life, but often as we ‘grow up’ we do it less and less. I believe laughter is the key to living a happy, healthy life.

    Laughter Coaching reawakens your ability to laugh and become more positive in day-to-day life. By practising a more upbeat response to challenges and situations, you will feel calmer, happier and healthier. Laughter Coaching can reduce stress, boost your immune system and help you become more relaxed and comfortable in your own life.

    My training is engaging and uplifting. I create a relaxed and supportive learning environment where everyone feels comfortable and confident. I offer personal development workshops, as well as professional skills development and qualifications.

    Professional skills and certification training

  • Interactive Workshops

    My lively workshops cover a wide range of topics and run between 1½ to 2 hours. You can combine several sessions to create a bespoke wellbeing event for your group or team, or take one as a standalone session. Get in touch to talk about creating a unique set of workshops.

  • Additional fees may be added to cover travel and other expenses.

    *Certified training is priced separately, please get in touch to find out more.