• The Coaches Coach
  • (AKA Supervision)
  • As a coach I know you will believe in coaching but who coaches you? Where do you find a Coach who Coaches, Coaches? Someone who can support you on your journey in life?

    Why have a Coaches Coach?

    I know personally that having a Coach/Mentor can make a huge difference. Over the years I have, and continue to have the privilege of working with many amazing people who have helped me grow personally and professionally.

    The challenge I found though was finding someone to support me that crossed over that personal/professional boundary. I wanted a Supervisor who would also Coach me, or a Coach that would Mentor me while also addressing how I felt about what I was doing helping me to gain confidence in myself, my skills while I addressed the business needs.

    There are benefits to be gained from working with a variety of people but sometimes this felt limiting to me. What I was looking for was a holistic approach a coach who specifically coached Coaches and I could discuss all the elements of myself and my coaching practice with.

    So now many years down the line I find myself often being asked by other coaches if I will coach them in just this way which is why I have launched the Coaches Coach.

    The Coaches Coach (AKA Supervision)

    The purpose of The Coaches Coach is to challenge and support you as you grow yourself and your business.

    My Role as your Coach Coaches is to support you professionally and personally as you grow within your coaching practice.

    This will include:

    • Discussing coaching practice and individual clients/issues.
    • Working with you and supporting you within both your personal and professional development.
    • Sharing best practice and offering mentoring and guidance when appropriate.
    • This is supervision as I am a trained supervisor and an experienced Coach and Trainer. Through the coaches coach approach, I hope that you will gain super-vison over your coaching practice.
    • All the above will be conducted within a confidential supportive safe space.
  • Fees and packages

    I offer packages containing a fixed number of sessions but delivered in a completely flexible way. We schedule sessions when it works best for you.

  • Free discovery session

    I always begin with a free one-hour session, to help you decide if life coaching with me is right for you.

  • Let’s GROW £585

    • 1½ hour Kick Start Session
    • 5 follow-up hour sessions
    • Take time to work through the layers of an issue and embed changes.
    Book Let’s GROW
  • A Quick Start £260

    • 1½ hour Kick Start Session
    • 1 follow-up hour session
    • This is a great way to find a new perspective or dip your toe into coaching.
    Book a Quick Start
  • Kick Start £165

    • 1½ hour session
    • This extended one-off session gives you more focus.
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  • Single Session £130

    • 1 hour session
    • Take things one step at a time, book a session when you need to explore a specific issue.
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