• Make positive shifts
  • in how you think
  • When you’re feeling like you’re in a rut it can be tricky to find a way out on your own. I help you to make positive, lasting changes as swiftly as possible.

    As your coach, I help you to become aware of the deeper functioning of your thinking, connecting you with your conscious and unconscious thought processes. My job is to help you to make positive shifts in how you think and experience the world that enable you to make the most of being who you are. We work on removing old, unhelpful thinking patterns or emotional responses.

  • My approach differs from traditional therapy

    Working with me means we don’t spend hours analysing your childhood or discussing a specific issue. We work in a swifter and more specific way. You may find it a refreshing change if you have previously worked with therapists and found their style did not suit you.

    Coaching with me is positive and inspiring. My aim is for you to enjoy the sessions, even if we are working with deeply emotional stuff. I will be supportive and compassionate and guide you gently through any less comfortable moments, bringing you safely forward to a new and empowering position. You might be surprised to discover that we laugh a lot!

  • Recharge and re-energise

    The way you have been experiencing your world; your thinking and your emotional responses have developed throughout your life. Much of this is serving you well, but some elements may not be. (Which is probably why you are looking for a coach right now!)

    Because I am trained as a Life Coach , NLP Master practitioner , IEMT Advanced Practitioner and Mbit Coach , I work with both your conscious and unconscious mind. There will not be a fixed approach or programme that you need to fit into. I adapt the way I work to suit your specific experiences.

  • Fees and packages

    My packages contain a fixed number of sessions but are delivered in a completely flexible way. We schedule sessions when it works best for you, depending on what you are working through.

  • Free discovery session

    I always begin with a free one-hour session, to help you decide if life coaching with me is right for you.

  • Let’s GROW £585

    • 1½ hour Kick Start Session
    • 5 follow-up hour sessions
    • Take time to work through the layers of an issue and embed changes.
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  • A Quick Start £260

    • 1½ hour Kick Start Session
    • 1 follow-up hour session
    • This is a great way to find a new perspective or dip your toe into coaching.
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  • Kick Start £165

    • 1½ hour session
    • This extended one-off session gives you more focus.
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  • Single Session £130

    • 1 hour session
    • Take things one step at a time, book a session when you need to explore a specific issue.
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