• My sessions are a positive
  • light-hearted and uplifting experience
  • Sessions with me are upbeat. Of course, we may cover some deeply personal and emotional issues, but we do this gently, with loving kindness and often laughter too. It’s surprising how a gentle chuckle can disperse negative and unhelpful feelings.

    I’m trained in many different psychological approaches and this enables me to adapt to you and gently guide you to make changes. There is no set structure, no model or programme to work through. When working with you, I combine intuition with my in-depth and extensive training and skills, finding the best way to help and support you personally.

    One of the most unusual and interesting skills I use is Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) . Using IEMT means we don’t have to talk about an issue for hours and hours, we take positive, physical action to help you manage your conscious and unconscious thoughts. This can be a great relief, especially if you are not comfortable talking about something, or you are unsure what the issue is.

    I believe that the connection between coach and client is the most important factor in our professional relationship, which is why I offer a free discovery session for you to assess if my coaching approach is right for you.

  • How I work

    We always work in one-to-one sessions so that you feel comfortable knowing everything we discuss is done within a safe and confidential environment.

    I offer personal coaching remotely on Zoom, Skype and by phone. I can also see you in person at my Consulting Room at Forever House, Tunbridge Wells. Currently, during the COVID pandemic, I am offering coaching in outside spaces, at a safe social distance.

What my clients think

  • I can highly recommend Caroline she has helped me change my life for the better I cannot praise her enough for what she has done for me.

    Marc Knight
  • I lost my mother to cancer. It was a desperately sad process but I noticed that I was also experiencing trauma around some specific memories and moments in her passing that were making it hard for me to function normally.

    Within one session I felt such a change. Since that session I’ve slept better, I’ve been less emotional, I can think more clearly and I can function on a day to day basis in ways I hadn’t even appreciated had been hampered.

  • Meeting with Caroline completely changed my life! 5 stars.

    What a year too! Work-wise, things have been very good – more confidence, a better and a calmer approach! So much so I finally got the recognition I so desperately wanted and got the promotion.

    Things are definitely going from strength to strength and I can’t thank you enough for setting me back on my rails!

  • Caroline is a fabulous coach. She gave me a clear vision of what I wanted for myself from my business and helped me set goals and move forward.

    Julie Jefferies
  • Superb. Caroline is top notch and I really value her excellent work. She is super-skilled. Thanks for all your help.

    Tim Allardyce
  • Caroline is such a beautiful, bright vibrant soul. She is genuine, approachable, professional and yet very fun. I have learnt a lot from her and I highly recommend her.

    Anirbas Met
  • Fantastic coach, very talented and would highly recommend. Caroline is completely unique and gives an experience unlike any other. A little time with Caroline can completely shift your mindset for the better. Wow, what an amazingly talented lady. If you are feeling in the slightest bit low or confused this is the lady for you. Thank you for improving my confidence in such a short space of time.

    Laura Vitler
  • From the moment I met Caroline, I knew she was going to change my life. Inspiring and a beautiful person. Can’t recommend her highly enough.

    Sam Benson