• Life coaching

    Life coaching is about exploring what you want and how you can achieve it. A Life Coach meets you where you are and assists you on your journey to where you want to go. Together we explore ideas, set goals and plan actions.

    Your coach is also there to hold you to account and help you stay focused. At the same time, they help you overcome any barriers that may have previously held you back.

    Coaching is a conversation with a difference. A coach’s role is to ask questions and encourage you to develop your thinking. The coaching sessions have a clear purpose and defined outcome. Often there are activities to be completed between sessions, helping you maintain momentum and achieve your goals.

    IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy)

    One of the most unusual and interesting skills I use is IEMT. This powerful modality involves asking some slightly unusual questions and then asking you to move your eyes in a very specific way. This method seems to help the brain processes and release unhelpful feelings, responses and memories with more speed and ease than many other approaches I have explored.

    Using IEMT means we don’t have to talk about an issue for hours and hours. This can be a great relief often especially if it’s something a person is not comfortable talking about or if they are unsure what the issue is.

    NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

    Neuro: The brain (neurology)
    Linguistic: Language – internal and external communication, and body language
    Programming: Why we do what we do and the complex chain of interactions that drive us.

    For me, as a Practitioner of NLP, it is about understanding and relating to people at a deep level. Getting underneath our behaviours to understand the deeper drivers of what is happening and why.

    This helps me to:

    1) Understand negative programming and bring about deep change at the core. This means we can end negative behaviours and thoughts, and make sure they do not return.
    2) Replicate excellence. We all have things we excel at. We can study these to understand how we do things well so we can replicate that process.

    Professionally and personally NLP has helped me understand that we are all very different, and my way of thinking and views are not the only possible way to experience the world. My NLP skills help me relate to people at a deep level and metaphorically step into their shoes.

    As my client NLP mostly feels like a conversation. Sometimes we do different exercises, bringing in the body and movement to stimulate the whole body system. Sometimes we create structured activities to create positive feelings in a way that is easy to replicate.

    You can find out more on the NLP Wiki page

    Mbit – Multi Brain Integration Technique

    This is also known as M Braining or Mbit Coaching.

    Recent scientific advances have shown that we have more than one brain. Our heart and our gut are also capable of independent thought and research suggests that other parts of our body may have neurotransmitters too. We even express this in our language – think of all the times you’ve said “I have a gut feeling”, “my heart’s just not in it” or “I’m in two minds”.

    Through Mbit coaching, we access the power and intellect of the head brain and incorporate the wisdom of the heart and gut brains too. By bringing them all together, we become more in tune with what we need and want for ourselves. We often spend so much time in our head brain it’s like we have shut off our body’s wisdom and ignore that nagging gut feeling. Other people may function more with the heart brain and make decisions based on their emotions.

    Through Mbit Coaching I help you connect with a deeper sense of self. We do this through Coherent Breathing and gentle questioning that encourages you to think from your heart, head, heart, gut (in exactly that order). I help you to access your own intuition and then offer your wisdom back to you. It is an insightful and moving process that can feel quite spiritual but has its roots firmly based on scientific research.

    Find out more on the Heart Math website