• Helping you feel
  • the way you want to feel
  • Hello! I’m Caroline Hart, Life Coach. I’m here to help you live the life you want to live.

    I help you explore how things can be different for you. How you can have more choice over how you feel, behave and experience your world.

    The power of coaching causes huge emotional shifts that can help you become happier and more contented. Life coaching is about moving forward into a positive space, permanently.

    I love this work and I love seeing the wonderful ways coaching impacts people’s lives. It really is a pleasure to share in others’ happiness.

  • Feel good factor

    My coaching approach is focused and warm-hearted. I want you to feel safe and comfortable throughout the session and leave feeling brighter, more positive and confident about yourself and your situation. Even though sometimes we are discussing some very emotive situations and experiences, we get through it with laughter and joy.

    I’ve been a coach since 2000 and am trained in a wide range of different techniques – NLP, IEMT, MBraining, Laughter and life coaching. This means I adapt to you and find the right approach for your unique personality and situation.

What my clients think

  • I really enjoyed the session and I think it helped me get confidence and clarity. Since the session, I haven’t cried or felt too overwhelmed at work. Thank you for helping me to get some confidence in my own self and what I want to do. Thank you for making me feel more positive that not every choice I make will be a wrong one.

  • Absolutely amazing. I thought this might be a bit ‘hocus pocussy’, but after the changes elicited by only one session, I can honestly say I am hooked – real life-changing stuff – love it. Thank you Caroline Hart you are pretty amazing.

    Shelley Page
  • Caroline is one of the most perceptive people I have ever met. Her way of explaining others’ actions to you and yours to them, really helps you sort your life out. Her positive attitude and advice are brilliant. I cannot recommend her highly enough.