Managing Lockdown – 9 Top Tips From Kent Life Coach

These are certainly unprecedented times, which are bringing challenges that could never have been planned for. We find ourselves parted from our friends and our families and for many life is predominantly spent at home, as we endeavour to work, if we can, to entertain our children and to self-isolate, only seeing the people that […]


Is It Mental Talking About Mental Health?

“Mental Health” is a title that always concerns and bothers me and I really do believe that we should seriously consider using the term, “Emotional Health” rather than “Mental Health”. In this article from Kent Life Coach, based in Tunbridge Wells, I outline the 5 reasons and discuss them in detail as to why I […]


What can Life Coaching do?

As a Life Coach, I am regularly asked What can Life Coaching do? If you are going to partake in something, you want want to know what it does. You want to know the advantages, the disadvantages, the benefits and what you will need to contribute in exchange. It is important for my clients to […]


What is a Life Coach?

Most days we will hear about some kind of Coach. Maybe a Sports Coach, Business Coach or Careers Coach. None of these job titles really raise any questions, we just instinctively recognise what these Coach’s do. But what is a Life Coach? Do you really know?


How To Be Happy For Others

Easier said than done right? Sometimes to be happy for others is the easiest thing in the world, the happiness appears so naturally. But what happens when the thing they have got or achieved is something you are so desperate for yourself? How can you be happy for others then?

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