• Think It, Say It, Feel It
  • When you feel low, the language you use reflects this feeling. In the same way when you are happy and relaxed you act and speak in a positive upbeat way. Your whole physical being changes as do the words you say.

    Say the following statement out loud;

    I am feeling really sad, low and I am fed up with how my life is.

    Now try;

    I feel fantastic, life is great and I am happy!

    Did you notice a change in yourself from saying one statement to the other? I bet when you said the first your shoulders rounded, your face tensed and your heart sank. Then, when you said the second, your face lifted along with your shoulders and your breathing changed. This is amazing, when you think about it because nothing actually changed in your world, but you felt different just by what you said. This is the power of the words we use.

    This is why it is important to become aware of what you say. What you think and say has a direct impact on how you feel. If you want to feel good about yourself and your life speak well of yourself and your life.   This may sound like a lot of mumbo jumbo but it does work. Try it! Every time you notice that you are saying or thinking negative things STOP! Say “Not this, not this” then replace the old negative thought with a new positive statement. Say the new positive statement 3 times out loud if you can. If it is not possible to say it out loud without looking a little crazy then say it in your head. It really does work.


    I challenge you to make a few changes to what you say and think. Then you can experience for yourself the great effect positive use of language will have on you and those around you.