• Fear or Excitement
  • – You Decide
  • Early last year, a friend was asking me how I felt about going in to hospital for a minor operation. I answered truthfully and said “You know it is quite strange, I was actually quite excited about it”. Then, I noticed what I had said. I thought about it and realised why I had felt excited.

    A few years ago I suffered with panic attacks. I was determined that they would not ruin my life. I read as much as I could to learn how I could control them. I learnt that all the emotions and feelings we experience in our bodies we have named. An example of this is: – butterflies in our tummy, increased heart rate and shallow breathing which most of us label as fear. Of course this could be a problem if the feeling that you call fear was happening when there is nothing to fear, as it was for me.

    I discovered that I could rename that sensation and that is just what I did. Instead of calling it fear I choose to call it “excitement”. From then on, every time I felt the sensations I had previously labelled as fear I repeated over and over in my head…

     “This feeling is excitement. I am excited.”

    I practiced the technique as often as I could.

    What an amazing difference it has made to my life. Situations that previously got my heart pounding and scared me still get my heart pounding but now they excite me. I no longer suffer with panic attacks. I now face situations I would have previously avoided with a positive and confident attitude.


    Try the technique for yourself. If you begin to get butterflies in your tummy, tell yourself that what you are feeling is excitement and say…

    “This feeling is excitement. I am excited.”

    You will soon find your confidence increasing.

    Now we are in 2017, many of you will have set yourself new goals or resolved to continue working on previous objectives. Don’t let fear stop you achieving! Allow excitement to help you accomplish your goals.