Time to De-Clutter

I like to hold on to things, things that have sentiment, things that make me happy, things that might just look pretty! But at what stage would you say you have too many things? When have you accumulated too much stuff?


Name the Day

Often the influence of what is going on in the world can directly impact our day to day life. You would expect sad news to make you feel sad, happy news to make you feel happy. But what about something so simple as a name, the name of the day.


Little Things

For those who subscribe to my newsletter, you will already know why I am posting this article, I want to help you achieve more positivity in your life by removing the “little things” that get you down and filling that gap with “little things” that bring you joy.


Time to move

I want you to move, I want you to move and it be of benefit to you. Now I am not talking about exercising (although I can’t deny the positive impact exercise has on the body and mind). I am talking about your movement and how it will impact your mindset.


Let’s G.R.O.W

The ability to be able to communicate effectively and understand yourself and others is a vital skill whether at work or at home. It is so easy to get crossed wires and this can create relationship break downs. This workshop will help you to build positive and productive relationships (with yourself and others) by helping […]


Let’s go for a Joyful Jaunt

I cant wait to take you on a Joyful Jaunt! Joyful Jaunts and Jolly Jogs are slow jogging or brisk walking session. We work with breathing and movement of our bodies while practicing a combination of mindfulness, laughter yoga and positive linguistics. During the sessions you will walk, jog and occasionally skip or dance (all […]

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