• Managing Lockdown
  • 9 Top Tips From Kent Life Coach
  • These are certainly unprecedented times, which are bringing challenges that could never have been planned for. We find ourselves parted from our friends and our families and for many life is predominantly spent at home, as we endeavour to work, if we can, to entertain our children and to self-isolate, only seeing the people that we live with. Naturally for those who live alone, it is an extremely difficult time, devoid of the usual social interaction. We find ourselves in awe and admiration of our NHS staff and other essential workers who are putting their own lives at risk. As a Life Coach, I help people to become happier, more confident and content and here are some of my top tips to help you to manage lockdown for how ever long it lasts. We WILL come through this together to face the future.

    Accept the situation

    The government had no other choice than to enforce a lockdown, in order to ‘save lives’. These are strange and very different times to which we are used to. However, there is no point wasting energy and time wishing things were different, as they cannot be. It’s therefore essential to look at ways of how to best use your energy and to look at what CAN be carried out and not what can’t be done.

    Plan your time wisely

    Think about all that you would like to do in your work, home and personal life. This is a great time to reflect on what you want to achieve and to begin planning. You will find that there is some stuff that you may even be able to make a start on now, although other things may have to wait. However, by planning now, you will be able to hit the ground running, when lockdown rules begin to ease.

    Work ‘on’ your business

    This could be the perfect opportunity to do the things that you previously did not have time for. Many people spend most of their time working ‘in’ their business because they never seem to have the time to work ‘on’ their business. This could include refreshing your website, sending out newsletters, writing a blog, getting in touch with former clients, rebranding or talking through with a coach about how your business can move forwards. You could also focus on your professional development by topping up your knowledge or learning something new, perhaps a new language.

    Give yourself permission to slow down

    This may seem obvious, but often we have got stuck into being ‘human doings’ and we have forgotten how to be ‘human beings’. Allow yourself the opportunity to experience just “being”. It really is OK to recharge your batteries by reading a book, painting or drawing and to take time to relax. You may be surprised what inspiration you find!

    Structure and schedule your days

    Organise your day to create a structure dividing up your time to include a variety of activities, which includes work, rest and play with that all important time to slow down and to rest. It is often helpful to timetable relaxation time and fun activities. Many people if they are used to being on the go all the time, find it difficult to relax guilt free.

    Exercise at least once a day

    This is essential for the body and mind. Make sure you move your body every day. Raising your energy levels will boost your mood. A good tip is to this outside, if you possibly can, and enjoy the amazing air quality we are now experiencing. Your body is designed to move and with exercise making your heart rate pick up and giving you an amazing mood boost of endorphins. This is more important now than ever before and so the government has allowed one exercise period during the day, such as walking, running or cycling. There are also lots of online videos for exercise classes that you can do in your sitting room.

    Connect with others everyday

    You may not be able to physically connect, but you can still virtually connect. Make sure that you connect with someone every day; all you need is a computer and the Internet to use platforms such as FaceTime or Zoom. You’ll find it’s as though your friends, family and colleagues are actually with you. And don’t forget the telephone and messaging! If you are a person who misses that physical connection, it might be helpful to imagine roots going down into the ground from you and connecting back up to the other person, or you might find it helpful to visualise a ribbon flowing out from your heart to theirs. It is worth remembering we are all sitting under the same sky with are feet resting on the same earth.

    Prepare for your day by dressing for home working and the day ahead of you

    If you are working from home, make sure that you dress for work. For some, it could mean putting on a suit or smart dress. It’s important to separate your work time and social time and to still maintain those boundaries. Dressing for work is one way you can indicate to yourself and maybe those in your house that you are now working and this will help to separate the different parts of your day. Also if you are not working, still get up and get dressed. Prepare for your day. Do you hair and make sure you still look after you. When we look good we feel good, and you’ll find that it’s worth making the effort. After all you are worth it! Don’t spend the day in your PJ’s, unless it’s the weekend and this is what you normally do.

    Make a contribution by giving to others

    One brilliant way to boost your own self-esteem is to give to others. Look around and see how you can make a difference to someone else right now. This could include volunteering or checking that elderly family and neighbours are coping and have what they need.

    If all this feels super tough for you – Reach out as we are all here for you!

    Take it 1 day at a time. Reach out for help and support. Don’t feel you have to do this alone. We are all in this together. As a Life Coach, I am very happy to connect with you as often as you need. We can explore how you will find your way through and you can talk about your experience of lockdown. We are all different and how we cope with lockdown may vary markedly to other people.

    Please, please reach out if you need help! It’s OK not to be OK!

    How Kent Life Coach can help you get through the Lockdown period

    It’s so important that we look out for one another. I’m here to help you if you are struggling. Perhaps you are living on your own and would just like a sounding board or you may be finding it difficult to cope with so many people living together under one roof, or you may be struggling with the lack of social interaction or physical exercise. Call Caroline on 07832 236647 or email caroline@kentlifecoach.co.uk.

    Each and every one of us is making a difference and is helping to get through this. Keep safe and stay well.