What is a Life Coach?

Most days we will hear about some kind of Coach. Maybe a Sports Coach, Business Coach or Careers Coach. None of these job titles really raise any questions, we just instinctively recognise what these Coach’s do. But what is a Life Coach? Do you really know?

What is a Life Coach? Let’s start with the basics….

A Life Coach is someone who is there purely for you, for you to meet with, speak with and explore with. A Life Coach is not connected to you or your situation, they are independent to the ins and outs of your own life so can offer you a perspective that a friend, family member or colleague cannot.

It is someone who may drive you and challenge you to make, meet and even exceed the goals and targets you will set together. Supporting your journey to achieve your goals and targets, knowing you can achieve, believing in you to accomplish what your set out to.

Your relationship with your Coach will be collaborative with a shared goal of helping you get from where you are now to where you want to be. Usually much faster and more easily than if you were working on this alone.

Your relationship with your Coach is a trusted relationship, a confidential place where you can talk truthfully. A totally essential part of any Life Coaching relationship is knowing you can be yourself, reveal your thoughts, feelings and even fears and confessions that are hindering your process to truly achieve what you want in life.

Life Coaching itself can be wildly misunderstood, prejudgements and misinterpretations of what a Life Coach really is can lead people to think it is a modern version of counselling. But it can be a hugely successful tool in helping individuals achieve what is really important to them.

The growth in Life Coaching means more and more people have experienced the true benefit of it. It has turned peoples lives around, from those who have had a single session through to those who have an ongoing regular relationship with a Life Coach. The effects can be profound.

More on What is a Life Coach?

Life Coaching offers a number of things, things some individuals need to take that next step in their lives:


A Life Coach is not an instructor, they will not show you exactly what to do, they will guide you. The guidance offered by your Coach could be the tools, techniques and support they provide to help you achieve your goals yourself. Guidance to help to broaden your mind and perspective. Guidance to the path that is right for you, not someone you are comparing yourself to.


A Life Coach will not tell you you can do something and expect you to do it straight away, they will empower you! Empower you by supporting you to recognise what you can achieve and how you can achieve it. Empowerment is an essential asset in the tool belt of life that is supported by self-worth and self-belief.


We all have our own mind, we all know what we feel is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ and ‘good’ or ‘bad’. But the influence of others or even yourself can often skew how we act despite having our own mind.


The realisation that what we want to achieve is an improvement on our life. When we travel from one place to a better place, this is an improvement. When we achieve a goal, this is an improvement, an improvement in our self-worth, self-belief and our life.

When some one asks What is a Life Coach? The answer really is more than just a person, but a person who can make you more than just a person too.

If you are interested in finding out more about Life Coaching or booking your FREE Discovery Session, please get in touch via phone (Contact Page) or the contact form below.

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