What Happens During a Life Coaching Session?

There are a number of different elements a to a Life Coaching session. A single session potentially won’t change your life, but is part of the bigger picture, the ongoing journey, a journey to achieve your goals, aspirations and dreams.

If you have previously read my blog on What is a Life Coach?, you will be ready for the next in series, What happens during a Life Coaching Session?

Lets look at the practicalities of a Life Coaching session first.

Your first Life Coaching session is likely to be a Discovery Session, a session designed for you to find out more about your coach, to understand their coaching methods and ensure they are the right person for you. Most of all….do you CLICK? You will finish your Discovery Session knowing a little more about the Life Coach, their history and the reasons they became a Life Coach.

The Life Coach will find out more about you, and like you will be looking to ensure you are both compatible. Do you CLICK? The Life Coach will want to ensure they feel their coaching methods will be practical, proactive and effective for you.

Following a Discovery Session, if you are happy with your choice of Life Coach, your next session is the true start to your Life Coaching journey.

A Life Coaching session will usually last around 60 minutes, some coaches prefer to offer shorter, sharper sessions of around 30 minutes. However 1 hour is a fantastic length of time to make amazing progress.

Life Coaching sessions can be conducted in a number of ways.

Face to Face
The majority of people will enjoy a face to face meeting. Being in the same room as the Life Coach may offer more comfort and reassurance, a more natural flow of conversation may occur. Conversely, some people may feel nervous and unsure, not allowing themselves to speak as freely as they wish to, consequently not gaining as much from the session as both parties would desire.

Life Coaching sessions can be conducted over the phone, as simple as picking up a handset and dialling in. The benefits of a Life Coaching session conducted over the phone include being able to be located in a place of comfort. Maybe a comfortable sofa at home, a seat at your dining table or a quiet office at your workplace. If you are in a place of comfort, you may feel more able to talk and discuss. Alternatively, not being able to see someone’s face can be a barrier for some people, they are unable to react and respond based on facial expressions.

Life Coaching sessions over the phone also ensure that location is not a barrier to your development, you can be anywhere in the world and still maintain a fantastic relationship with the Life Coach you chose to go on your journey with.

Video Calls
The digital age has opened up new methods of communication which overcomes some of the barriers faced in face to face meeting and phone calls. The ability to talk directly to your Life Coach from a remote location and, see and respond to facial expressions. Video calls offer all the benefits attributed to face to face meetings and phone calls.

Skype and Facetime have become extremely popular choices for Life Coaching. The ability to Video Call your Life Coach from any location offers flexibility and the important ability to be able to see and respond to a face that may bring comfort, motivation and encouragement in to your life.

Instant Messaging
Not the most popular option for Life Coaching sessions, although Instant Messaging is a fantastic tool to support the Life Coaching journey. Instant Messaging offers the Life Coach and Client the ability to ‘check in’ without invading the others time and other commitments.

Now what happens during the Life Coaching Session
Throughout your Life Coaching session, your Life Coach will ask you questions. These questions are thought out to ensure you are not just able to offer single word answers. The questions will prompt you to reveal a little more. Sometimes you will notice the questions may repeat, but be assured, your Life Coach knows what they are asking and why.

Questions you may come across may vary. They could include variations of what you want to get out of life, what areas you’re unhappy with and where you’d like to see yourself ending up. Sometimes, a Life Coach will revisit the same question again throughout the session.

It is a Life Coach’s role to work with you, you won’t feel badgered or pestered if you don’t feel happy or comfortable to reveal certain information. A Life Coaching session is always a confidential and secure place, however you will never be forced to make any decisions or reveal anything you don’t feel confident to.

At the end of the Life Coaching session, you should have explored a number of positive changes you can make in your life, set some SMART goals and targets. Goals and targets that you both feel are achievable (yes, you may have to work hard to achieve them, but achieve them you will).

Now are you ready to book your first Life Coaching session? Let your Journey begin with a FREE Discovery session. Book it via the Contact page or using the Contact form below.

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