Looking for a Laughter Yoga Leader Training Course?

My Laughter Yoga Leader training is the full package to take you from complete newbie through to Laughter Leader Pro.

This layered laughter learning will give you what you need to fully understand laughter with the skills of how to effectively lead and facilitate laughter sessions but also the knowledge of why laughter has such a positive impact on the body and mind. You will leave the course equipped with everything you need to start running Laughter Yoga workshops for groups.

The Laughter Yoga Leader Training course certificate will enable you to obtain insurance for practicing as a Laughter Yoga workshop leader, endorsed by your trainer and Laughter Yoga International University.

With ongoing CPD opportunities throughout the year, peer to peer support groups and round the clock support from me to ensure you have everything you need to be the best Laughter Yoga Leader!

By the end of this course you will have the skills needed to Lead Laughter Sessions with groups and/or run your own Laughter Club/s. You will gain the recognised Laughter Yoga Leaders Certificate.

Course content:

In addition to completing the full Laughter Yoga Leaders training and gaining the skills and knowledge of how to lead Laughter Sessions and qualifying as a Laughter Yoga Leader. We will have fun of exploring the wonderful world of gibberish and seeing how this can be utilised within your laughter work and as means of fun play and an emotional release.

You will discover how to plan a variety of laughter sessions and learn how to how to adapt your delivery to fit within differing times and to meet the needs of groups with different needs and abilities.

You will learn about the Physiology of Positivity and how the way we move our body’s influences how we think and feel. Learning how the movements used in the laughter sessions will be impacting the physiological responses of the body and discover how sharing this information can help people to make positive changes in their world.

Your learning experience:

This course is FUN! You will laugh a lot, and of course LAUGHTER is the main purpose of the course, because we first need to bring more laughter into our world before we effectively facilitate laughter with others. Please be prepared to ache. Your face will ache from smiling and your tummy will ache from laughing.

Who is this training suitable for?

Everyone! If you want to laugh more yourself or if you want to share laughter with others on a personal or professional level then this is the great course for you. It is fun lively and interactive and of course you also get to qualify in a new skill too.

Your Trainer – Caroline Hart

Laughter Yoga Leader and Trainer. An NLP Master Practitioner. A Personal Coaching Specialist with 10 years’ experience and expertise in positive psychology, IEMT Practitioner & research assistant.

Course Fees:

  1. Early Bird

To secure the Early Bird fee full payment must be made 1 or more calendar months in advance of the first day of training.

  1. Standard Fee

The full fee must be paid 14 days before the first day of training.

Please get in touch for more details on course fees.

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