Meet the Coach

It is important that you chose to work with someone that works well for you, this is YOUR life and you are making a positive step towards positive change so first you need to meet the coach….

Let me tell you a bit about myself and my background.

I experienced the benefits of Life Coaching and changed my life by changing the beliefs I held about myself. I became a Life Coach because I want others to experience the freedom and fulfillment of living life without fear. In my experience the thing that holds most people back is fear. Fear of meeting new people, getting it wrong, failure, the unknown, and sometimes even fear of being who we are. Learn to accept and work with rather than against these feelings, and the fear will dissipate and possibilities will open up.

Change the beliefs you hold about yourself and change your life.

I am a qualified and experienced Life Coach, Neuro Linguistic Psychology Master Practitioner, IEMT Therapist, Laughter Yoga Leader and an active member of the Association for Coaching (The Coaching Professional Body). I have been coaching since the year 2000, working first as a Vocational Coach, and then as a Personal Life Coach since 2005.

meet the coach

I am passionate about my topic and I continue to study a diverse range of positive psychology methodologies and approaches including: Coaching, NLP, mBIT, Laughter Yoga, Integral Eye Movement Theraphy, Transactional Analysis and many others.

What is my style?
I utilise a mixture of traditional non-directive coaching and NLP to help you achieve the things that matter to you. I consider my coaching style to have a playful element and often reflect my clients words back to them with a slight twist that making them chuckle but also think. The humour breaks down emotional boundaries helping to free up the mind from habitual and unhelpful thinking habits. My clients feel my Life Coaching to be a positive and uplifting experience.

Who do I work with?

I work with people who want to achieve more from their life. People just like you! I believe everyone has the potential to live a happy fulfilled life, and that means you too! We sometimes just need a little support to work out “how” we can do this and that is where I can help.