What To Keep In Mind When Looking For A Life Coach

Pick up the Yellow Pages, flip to the L’s, see what ad looks smartest and there you have it, looking for a Life Coach is easy…..if only it was that simple.

Looking for a Life Coach is more than looking for a new dress, you can’t just pick out the prettiest and go with that. Looking for a Life Coach is more than looking for a plumber, you can’t just pick the most established and qualified and go with them.

Looking for a Life Coach is looking for a partner. This person is going to share your Life Coaching journey with you from start to finish. It is so important you pick the right person.

There are a number of considerations you are going to need to make. Things you will need to think about for more than a fleeting second. Here is what you need to keep in mind when looking for a Life Coach….

1. You will be looking for someone who probably isn’t in you Yellow Pages.
You might need to go bit further than your usual stop at Yell.com. Potentially even further than a search on Google. In order to find someone that you truly believe is the right match for you then you might have to look in places you didn’t know you should look.

Ask your friends, ask your work colleagues, ask your networking acquaintances, ask everyone you are happy to for references or referrals to meet the right match. The right Coach for you may not appear on your first Google search

2. Testimonials are key to your search
You need to know that the person you are choosing is a good match for you. Look at testimonials from previous clients. If they are not clearly available on their websites or ad, then ask. Many clients prefer their testimonials are kept discreet.

Consider how the testimonials make you feel. Confident, reassured or nervous and apprehensive. See if you can relate to the testimonials offered. Have others been in similar scenarios to you, how have they progressed in their Life Coaching journey?

You can also look out for Facebook reviews, Google stars and other review sites.

3. You may not find your Life Coach the same day you start your search

In an ideal world, you have made a decision to make a change and you should get going straight away. However, looking for a Life Coach can take time. It can take time to find the right match for your personality, your coaching style preference and also your budget.

Don’t be discouraged and certainly don’t give up. During this time, you can start writing out some of your goals and targets so you have a physical incentive to keep you searching for the right match.

4. Are you prepared to travel?

If you find the right person to start your journey with, are you prepared to travel to see them, or do you want them to come to you? Would you be happy to have a Life Coaching session using different technologies, i.e. Skype or FaceTime? Look at What Happens During A Life Coaching Session for more detail on the different ways you could consider communicating with your Life Coach.

5. Are you ready to take action?

You have found your Life Coach, they have amazing references and testimonials, you found them within a few days of looking and they are right on your doorstep. BUT are you ready to start?

The ultimate question! Are you ready to start your Life Coaching journey. If not, looking for a Life Coach will have been a wasted exercise! Now is the time to commit, now is your time! You have already achieved so much by choosing to work with a Life Coach, looking for a Life Coach and deciding on a Life Coach.

Ready to start?

If you are looking for a Life Coach, you can find out more about ME, on my Meet the Coach page. I offer FREE Life Coaching Discovery Session to help you ensure you have found the right Life Coach.

Book your Discovery Session using the contact form below or the Contact page.

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