Life Coaching Fees & Packages

My Life Coaching Fees & Packages are designed to each individual can find the right option to suit them and their personal circumstances.

Life Coaching Discovery Session – Free*

The Life Coaching Discovery Session is your opportunity to meet Caroline and learn a little more about what coaching is (and isn’t) and how it can help you achieve the things that matter to you. This is not a coaching session but it will create the foundation for your ongoing collaborative relationship.
This is also Caroline’s opportunity to learn a little more about you and what you want to achieve through coaching. This is important as Caroline will not take on clients if she does not feel that coaching is not the right choice for them or if there is not a good fit between coach and client (at this point on your life’s journey).
During the session Caroline will explain how she works and you will be able to get a sense of how her uniquely uplifting coaching style will help you, so that you will be informed enough to make a decision about coaching being the right for you (or not).
There is no pressure to book during the discovery session Caroline actually recommends you have a day or so to reflect on the session before you decide to book. Caroline will follow up with an email allowing you to respond in your own time (Unless you have booked a combined package and then you will continue straight into your next session).

Kick Start – £160

This session gets you off to a flying start. There is always so much to cover when you begin your coaching journey and the Kick Start session gives a little more time to really explore what has been happening and how you want things to be different. Often when we have been focused on what is not working it can take a while to become clear about what it is you do want and knowing what you want is a vital part of the coaching journey. How can you make changes that feel right until you know what right is?
1hour 30mins

Quick Start – £250

Take the flying start and then soar! You have started your Life Coaching journey with a kick, now lets quickly make it routine and commence with your next session!
Kick Start + 1 Single Session

Let’s GROW – £560

Super speed ahead! You are already flying and ready to go the distance! The Let’s GROW package is targeted at YOU! You know what your objectives are, you have set your goals, now lets achieve them.
Kick Start Session + 5 Single Sessions

Staying in the Flow – £395

Once you have seen how much you can achieve through life coaching, you may want to continue to have regular coaching sessions working on your goals and objectives. To help you with there is a package to help you stay in the flow.
5 Single Sessions

A year to G.R.O.W – £295

As you are becoming more confident your life is heading in a direction that feels good to you it is helpful to have a plan in place to ensure that you continue to keep your life progressing in a way that feels good to you.
I offer quarterly review package where I continue to support you and hold you accountable for any goal and targets you set. These sessions are an excellent bench mark that enables you to measure the progress you continue to make. You will be able to discuss any challenges you have experienced and explore new options before planning what you want to achieve over the next 3 months. It’s a great way to keep your life moving in a direction that feels right to you.
Quarterly review sessions give you time out every quarter to reflect on what has been happening, for you to explore what is working well and what changes and adjustments you might want to make to ensure your life continues to move in the right direction.

Single Sessions – £125

Sometimes life gets in the way of life and you are not able to commit to the packages set out above, which is why I offer stand along single sessions to help keep you on track when you need me the most.
1 hour

Life Coaching for Business

I am able to offer various packages to suit each individual businesses needs and requirements, I would love to talk this out in much more detail to ensure you business achieves its goals with the right package, at the right cost.
Please contact me to discuss Life Coaching for Business Coaching options.

Life Coaching Sessions consist of one hour appointments at Forever House, Tunbridge Wells, or via telephone/Skype. All appointments are subject to a 36 hour cancellation policy and if cancellation is not made within this time full payment will be required.
*The Life Coaching Discovery Session is a free no obligation service, subject to a cancellation fee of £50 should 36 hours’ notice of cancellation not be given. Only one session per person.
** Continuing clients only.

All Life Coaching Fees are subject to change, however this will not affect any bookings in place or packages purchased but not scheduled.


If you wish to book any of the sessions or packages detailed above, please use the contact form below or call me directly from the Contact Page. I am happy to discuss the packages and Life Coaching fees with you directly.