Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT)

Change can be quick and lasting and can happen in the blink of an eye.

Integral Eye Movement Therapy can help with all of the above!

What is Integral Eye Movement Therapy?

Integral Eye Movement Therapy is a therapy that is helps you to detach from negative emotions. The therapist (IEMT Practitioner) will ask you a series of questions that lead you to think about a specific memory while looking at their fingers as they guide you to move your eyes through a pattern of movements.

That’s it! In simple terms that is it, and this simple process can bring about huge emotional change. It’s hard to believe that change can happen with such a simple process but it does.  It is definitely something that you need to experience to truly get a sense of how it works.  For some the change can be profound and very quick for others it is a gentler process working through one area (Series of memories/thoughts) then another to bring about the change.

So how/why does the Integral Eye Movement Therapy process work?

The short explanation:

The Integral Eye Movement Therapy process helps to release an emotional Anchor that has been created at some point in the past. By accessing an early memory of the feelings while moving the eyes the emotional anchor is gently removed and/or the emotional charge is softened. The process of moving the eyes somehow makes it hard for the brain to recall the feelings. The memory stays intact (and this is important as our learning comes from our memories). People report that they can still access the memory but it no longer FEELs the same and/or seems less important/relevant.

As there is no longer the level of feeling attached to this learning experience when the client now enters a new experience and the brain relates the new situation to the past learnings it will be relating to a memory with less or no emotional charge therefore creating a new and more appropriate emotional response to current experience.

In my experience clients report a reduction in the emotional charge with each eye moving experience and the reduction in emotional change seems to remain. (changes seem to stay changed)

The longer explanation:

I will offer you the explanation that makes most sense to me though I am no neuro scientist so the deeper more complex “why” I still don’t fully understand myself but I can share with you what I do understand and what makes sense to me. The conscious mind can hold about 7 bits of information plus or minus 2. In short your conscious mind is a little limited because of this we have to filter information and we do this by:

These filters enable the conscious mind to not get over loaded and fortunately we also have an unconscious mind and this mind is AMAZING! This has so much more ability than we have even begun to realise. It is your unconscious mind that keeps your body functioning and it also takes over various tasks for us. Have you ever driven to a certain destination and not remembered the journey? I know once I drove to the completely wrong place and it wasn’t until I pulled up in the car park I realised. I had been on automatic pilot: AKA- The unconscious mind!

OK so…. what does this have to do with Integral Eye Movement Therapy? What can happen is the brain uses the generalisation in ways that are sometimes less helpful to us. What can happen is when we experience a new situation the brain will quickly looks for similarities from past experiences (it takes a short cut) and then responds accordingly and this can mean it fires off emotions that are not appropriate to the current situation. This process can then be repeated over and over until you have an unhelpful and potentially unhealthy trigger response (The NLP word for this would be Anchor).

This is why the process of Integral Eye Movement Therapy is so helpful as it seems to encourage the mind to look at situations from a fresh perspective giving freedom and choice.

I very much enjoy using this methodology and my clients are reporting amazing changes in how they feel and how they respond to their world. The most amazing thing is these changes seem to stay too, even when I catch up with my clients in 3 , 6 or even 12 months they still report that they feel different. Its exciting stuff!

Obviously as will all therapies this is not suited to all people and all situations and there are some contraindications such as we do not work with anyone who has had a severe brain injury or have Epilepsy but for most people most of the time the feedback is very positive and life enhancing. This therapy method works in amazing partnership to Life Coaching and many clients are choosing to adopt both coaching and IEMT to help with their life journey.

integral eye movement therapy

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