Inspiring and Uplifting – A Beautiful Testimonial

Receiving feedback from my Laughter workshops is wonderful, but this month I received something really special, something that really made happy for doing what I do.

My main aim for my laughter workshops is to bring joy in the the lives of the individuals who attend. I also want to teach tool and techniques to help them continue the joyous feeling outside of my laughter workshops. Lots of people tell me of the positive changes in their life as a result of practising laughter yoga on a regular basis but, following one workshop I ran last year, one of my attendees has had a much more positive year than they anticipated…..

With the permission of the attendee, I am able to share this feedback, in respect to the attendee I have removed names and other personal detail*.

“I attended one of your Laughter workshops and I brought my partner* along with me. My partner has a form of incurable cancer and I brought my partner* along because I was hopeful that your Giggle workshop could be good for them*. We were both surprised (and delighted) by how useful your techniques were for improving their* mental (and subsequently physical) health. It really was inspiring and uplifting. We practice laughter daily now – life is good – thank you.”

I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to these attendees for coming along to my workshop and believing that I could help make a difference in their lives, I am so pleased I could offer you some tools and techniques that have not only improved your mental health but also physical health.

In my laughter workshops I tell my attendees of how they will feel both during and after the workshop, the continued practice of laughter yoga will expand these feelings, so the feeling aren’t just feelings anymore, but, a way of life. Attendees leave laughter workshops feeling lighter and brighter with increased sense of happiness. The laughter has released feel good hormones, endorphins which spread around the body. Attendees feel calmer, more relaxed and often fell like they can just have fun and a laugh for no reason other than they WANT to be happy.

Laughter yoga is also a physical act, it requires a level of activeness, deep, hearty breathing and physical movements of all parts of the human body. Laughter yoga can help help to improve circulation, reduce or increase blood pressure and can offer a boost to immune systems.

I want to wish the above attendees all the best and say I am grateful to have had the opportunity to help inspire and uplift you both.

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