How to Deal with a Negative Person – 3 Quick Hints to Balance the Positivity

I would love to fill the world with positivity, unfortunately we can be surrounded by negativity. It can catch us off guard and unaware. Negativity in the form of a person is harder to deal with. But I have 3 hints to help you deal with a negative person.

We would all love to avoid being brought down by a negative person. We don’t want their lack of positivity to impact our feelings, our day or our life. But we also don’t want that person to feel like we are ignoring them, not acknowledging them or adding to there to support them. My 3 hints to deal with a negative person all rotate around 3 A’s:




These 3 hints will help you remain positive when you need to deal with a negative person.


Try to avoid confrontation when emotions are at a peak. When your own emotions are high, similarly to in How Do You React To Advice, I suggest you try not to act impulsively. Remove yourself from the situation, compose and consider. In your own space, time and presence, you can wait for your composure to return and manage a situation effectively.


We are talking about someone else’s negativity. Someone else’s emotions have peaked. It is extremely difficult to tell someone else to go away and come back when they feel composed. So what can we do to deal with a negative person?

We can remain aware. Being aware of their emotions and your own means you can keep your responses in check and move on the next step…..


You may not agree with the reason the person is being negative, but you can agree and acknowledge that they are feeling how they are feeling. You can be understanding.

By acknowledging how the person is feeling, the negative persons emotional peak is likely to drop significantly as they have had their frustration recognised.


Take positive action, knowing that whatever happens you can go away from the situation knowing you did everything you could to remain positive yourself and promote positivity in the other person.

At this stage you have all ready acknowledged how the person feels and offered recognition of their emotion. This will hopefully have diffused some of the high emotions.

Next, take action and identify what that person is after from you. you can do this by asking them simply, what are you looking to gain from talking to me about this? Are they just looking to vent? Are they looking for support? Are they questioning themselves and their emotions? This could lead the conversation down a better path with much more positive outcomes.

You won’t always be able to deal with a negative person so effectively that they go away feeling super positive, but, you will go away feeling positive and with the satisfaction that you avoided negative confrontation, acknowledged their emotions and took the right actions.

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