How To Be Happy For Others

Easier said than done right? Sometimes to be happy for others is the easiest thing in the world, the happiness appears so naturally.

But what happens when the thing they have got or achieved is something you are so desperate for yourself? How can you be happy for others then?

Here are 6 ways to help push pass the jealously and envy and truly be happy for others. Now we are not just talking about a fake smile and a few nice words before you sneak off and be bitter in you own space. We are talking true admiration and joy for another human being.

Further down you will read 3 reasons why it is beneficial to be happy for others.

How to sincerely be happy for others:

1. So the first reason doesn’t offer sincere happiness but it will allow you to get on with life until you have mastered sincere happiness. FAKE IT! Smile, offer a congratulatory response and politely excuse yourself. Deal with your own emotions in your own space without impacting anothers happiness.

2. Look for a reason to be happy for others. Some people find it hard to tell others about their successes. You know the feeling, when you are writing your CV and all the amazing things you have achieved seem to slip out of your brain. Proactively ask the person you are talking to questions, be aware of what is going on in their lives, they may be shy about coming forward but still appreciate the acknowledgement of their successes. Because you have controlled the conversation in to their positive response, you should naturally be able to be happy for them.

3. Have a list of gratitude! A reminder of things that are going well in your own life. You can pull out your list when you feel that green, envious feeling rising from within. Your list can be full of big things or little things you have or have achieved. Things that are in progress and things that you have only just started! You will naturally start to remember and it become a mental list. Physical or mental list, they both still have an amazing impact on your own self joy.

4. Understand what it looks like when you are feeling happy for someone. Stand in front of the mirror and think of the other person positive news that made you feel sad, envious or disappointed. See how your face changes. Similar to techniques I teach in my Laughter Workshops, change your expression to a smile, feel how your body and emotions respond. Similar to Laughter Yoga, your body will acknowledge the smile and respond by releasing happy endorphins and a natural feeling of happiness will occur. It will soon become second nature.

5. Start with smaller events that you feel you should be happy for others. Some bigger, more dramatic events and achievements may take a little longer to allow yourself to feel positive about. Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t feel the change overnight.

6. You are allowed to feel disappointed and sad! This is not always a bad thing. There is times when others may (deservingly) get things  that you (deservingly) want as well. But have an outlet, know where you can go, what you can do and who you can speak to to get past this feeling. Life Coaching might be the right approach for you to help get through these times and train yourself to be happy for others!

But why is it important to be happy for others?

It pays to be happy for other people. There is something about having that complete and utter, non jealous, non envious admiration and joy for some one that brings out a happiness in yourself that can’t be achieved elsewhere.

When you see others achieving things you want, attaining things in their life that you want but have not yet achieved or potentially know you can’t have. It can be hard. It can raise a whole array of feelings and emotions that may not be suppressed as easily as they arose.

However if you can generate a genuine happiness for other people, not only will you be able to eradicate the envy, but there are benefits for you and your own wellbeing.

  • You will reduce your own stress and worry. By not considering anothers ‘win’ as your own loss, you reduce the opportunity to feel stressed and resentful.
  • You increase your own opportunities to be happy. By taking pleasure in anothers ‘win’, you cause your body to produce happy endorphins leading to a natural happiness.
  • You will build stronger relationships with those around you. Resentment will trigger more resentment and bitterness. But true joy and admiration for someone will cause positivity to grow and evolve. 

Finding joy in others joy can be hard, but the benefits can be monumentous.

If you are having a hard time being happy for others, it could be linked to being unhappy in your own achievements. Consider Life Coaching as an opportunity to direct you down a better path that will lead to more positivity and achievement. You can book a free Discovery Session to find out more of the benefits of Life Coaching. Just fill out the contact form below.

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