Time to De-Clutter

I like to hold on to things, things that have sentiment, things that make me happy, things that might just look pretty!

But at what stage would you say you have too many things? When have you accumulated too much stuff?

When the cupboards start to overflow or the drawers don’t shut anymore? When you are considering paying an excessive amount of money for new storage to be built in your home?

But what about mental and emotional ‘stuff’? At what stage do you think you have too much? There are no physical signs of drawers overflowing and cupboards bursting at the hinges.

We go through our lives accumulating mental and emotional clutter but don’t often take the time to sort through it, compartmentalise or de-clutter. This type of mind clutter is not visible to us, so we generally will not take the time or care to manage it effectively. But it is still there.

Similarly to physical clutter, you can have a clear out, you might just need the motivation to get started. Positivity Practice: De-Clutter your Life is the motivation you need. It is the first step to clearing our your mind cupboard and emotional drawers.

Come along on Monday 14th May at 7pm to my home studio in Tunbridge Wells and meet our guest speaker Ingrid Pope who will be delivering the De-Clutter your Life workshop.

Complete the contact form below or visit my Facebook Event Page to let me know you will be coming.

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