Why Laughter?

Life is better when you laugh; in fact everything feels better with a smile on your face. We mistakenly assume that we need to feel happy to laugh, when the truth is that laughing will make us feel happy. The body actually doesn’t know the difference between real and simulated laughter. Children naturally laugh hundreds of times a day but as we grow older if we laugh on average ten times a day we are doing well. Laughter workshops give you the opportunity to wake up your chuckle muscles, and the more you use them the stronger they get, and the easier it is to fall into a natural hearty laugh. Laughter workshops stimulate your ability to laugh and experience joy and happiness. This feel-good feeling does not stay in the room but extends into your life and, as laughter is contagious, your joyfulness will also spread those around you.

Laughter helps you to:

Laughter in the workplace:

Laughter sessions are usually group activities and are the most amazing way of engaging with your inner joy in a way that is, if I’m honest, a little silly but……. does have a powerful effect on your physical and emotional wellbeing. The more you practice laughter the more you experience the power this has to lift your spirits and boost you both physically and emotionally.

As your Laughter Coach I can help you to engage with your inner joy and reawaken your laughter and bring more laughter into your world.