Laughter Workshops Overview

This is a fun and active workshop which will have a dramatic impact on how positive you feel and the amount of laughter you experience in your day-to-day life. There has been much research carried out into the powerful effect of laughter on the body and mind. Laughter is known to be a great pain reliever as well as boosting the immune system and brain function, and most of all it makes you feel great! It is an amazing way to relieve stress and express emotions (even the negative ones). By the end of the workshop you will feel calm, refreshed and rejuvenated and, by revisiting these positive behaviours by attending laughter workshops regularly, you will notice a distinct shift in your wellbeing.

Laughter will help you to:

What is a Laughter Workshop?

Laughter workshops are a combination of Laughter Yoga and NLP games and techniques, to work with you physiologically and psychologically, developing your ability feel happy and joyful. The sessions are powerful and the fast pace keeps you very much in the moment.

All you need to enjoy this Laughter Workshop is a willingness to laugh and a childlike playfulness. For the time you are at the workshops you will forget the rest of the world and allow yourself to relax and engage with your inner child. Using some simple breathing techniques and taking part in a variety of laughter exercises you will re-energise your body. The session ends with lying on comfy mats for free-fall laughter (you have to experience this) followed by a deep-guided relaxation. You will leave feeling refreshed and relaxed, ready to go out into the world with an increased ability to experience laughter.