Name the Day

Often the influence of what is going on in the world can directly impact our day to day life. You would expect sad news to make you feel sad, happy news to make you feel happy. But what about something so simple as a name, the name of the day.

For those aware of Panic Friday, similar to Black Friday, did you spend the day calm and collected or was there an element of concern and worry that you had forgotten something or needed to get stuff done. Similarly on Cyber Monday, did you feel the need to look online and see what bargains were in cyber space?

Our environment can change or influence us, subtle things, things that are barely anything, things that we would usually brush off might just make your day a little better or a little worse. Let’s apply this to the name of the day.

New Years Day – it already has a name, on hearing it, it may increase your desire to create a new year resolution, set some targets for the year, but after that, your on your own….

Here’s a few ideas:

Winning Wednesday – a Wednesday designated to success, getting to work on time TICK, securing a new contract TICK, make a positive decision to change your life TICK! If you plan to ‘win’, you will find ‘wins’ everywhere.

Feel Good Friday – Eating a healthy lunch TICK, visit a relative you haven’t seen in a while TICK, doing something for you TICK.

You get the idea? By the way….the letters don’t need to be the same but it sure is fun thinking of nice names for each day of the week….Quiet Thursday, Relaxing Tuesday, Exciting Sunday, Adventurous Monday, Aspirational Wednesday.

What do you want your day to be? Influence your own day!

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