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What can Life Coaching do?

As a Life Coach, I am regularly asked What can Life Coaching do? If you are going to partake in something, you want want to know what it does. You want to know the advantages, the disadvantages, the benefits and what you will need to contribute in exchange. It is important for my clients to […]


Name the Day

Often the influence of what is going on in the world can directly impact our day to day life. You would expect sad news to make you feel sad, happy news to make you feel happy. But what about something so simple as a name, the name of the day.


Think It, Say It, Feel It

When you feel low, the language you use reflects this feeling. In the same way when you are happy and relaxed you act and speak in a positive upbeat way. Your whole physical being changes as do the words you say. Say the following statement out loud; I am feeling really sad, low and I […]


Bob’s Blog

This blog was shared with me by a wonderful man, Bob, at a Laughter play day. Bob gave me permission to share this. I hope you love it as much as I do. What if today was your day? What if today was the most amazing day of your life so far? What if it […]

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